Visit to Easy Street

easy street visit

Was bored tonight so I decided to take a trip over to Easy Street Records in Seattle. I’ve tried to find their West Seattle location before but got lost/gave up, so I went to their Queen Anne store. I’ve heard many good things about Easy Street and I’d have to say it was a pretty nice shop. I believe their West Seattle location is a little bigger (and even has a connected cafe/restaurant!) but the selection at the Queen Anne store wasn’t too bad. Like every other record shop I’ve been to in WA, their hip hop selection wasn’t the greatest but there were still enough good picks as you can see from the photo above. I actually had more records in a stack but trimmed it down a bit as I didn’t want to spend too much tonight (Still paid around $120 for the above, ouch). Was worth the drive up there tonight, think I will try finding the West Seattle location again to see if they have even more hip hop. Would recommend Easy Street to folks looking for new records, especially if your tastes are more inline with rock music.

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