Easy Street – Queen Anne Closed

During my little break from this site I had found out that the Queen Anne location for Easy Street was being closed which really bummed me out. Since starting this site I had posted about checking out the shop here + here and had even ultimately decided that this was the better of the two Easy Street locations for finding hip hop on wax. It sucks because according to the folks who run the shop, 2012 was actually a really good year. The details about what happened can be seen over on their site.

A friend and I were able to visit one last time about a week before the store closed for business (they were having a store-wide 20% off sale which was nice). Seattle really doesn’t have too many great spots for vinyl (at least compared to Portland/CA/NY/etc), so it’s especially sad to hear about quality shops like this closing. Their West Seattle location is still open and while I haven’t had a chance to check it out since the closure of the Queen Anne store, I imagine their inventory might have become bigger and improved as well since the time I visited last year.

RIP Easy Street – Queen Anne

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