College Turntable Setup

I linked to this video in my last post and was surprised to see I haven’t shared it here yet. I’ve posted some photos of my turntable and record collection from college in the past but no video. This was made back about 4 years ago when I was showing off my copy of Peter Lipa’s English version of Moanin’. Mainly picked this up for My Album which was featured on Madlib’s Mind Fusion Volume 2, easily one of my favorites off those mixes.

My old setup used to consist of an Audio Technica AT-PLH50 and some cheap Logitech computer speakers. When I moved back home after college I stepped up to some better speakers but was still running my Audio Technica turntable until last Fall when I finally picked up a Pro-Ject Carbon Debut. While the Audio Technica was on the cheap side I still think it’s a pretty nice table for super entry level folks (like I was back when I purchased it!). While the $400 Pro-Ject table sounds great, it’s still disappointing about there not being automatic features like my old Audio Technica has.

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