Adult Swim Bumps (Fan Made)

Been digging through some old stuff tonight and ran into these guys. Years before Adult Swim put up it’s Bump Builder, I was making some of my own as you can see above. I’ve always been a big fan of Adult Swim and enjoyed the bumps that the network is known for. I had ran into a website called BumpWorthy and noticed in the forums that people were making their own so I thought I would join in.

Two originals that were pretty influencing were the You Can Be Happy and Owls Only bumps, these are a few of my favorites featured back in the day. I think I had made about a half dozen or so of these but ended up deleting most of them from Youtube (the ones above were the best of these). Personally I think the first one with the owl was the best one I made. If you’re looking for the song credits check out each video!

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