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Albums of the Year – 2013

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Random Access Memories (8-Bit Version)

Was reading Kotaku the other day and saw this 8-Bit style performance of Random Access Memories by Joe Jeremiah which I thought was pretty neat. I figure it would be relatively easy to do one of these for Daft Punk’s … Continue reading

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Random Access Memories Unboxing

Cool “unboxing” video for the vinyl copy of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories which releases next Tuesday. The album is currently being streamed on iTunes for free and I must say that this record really does meet the incredible hype … Continue reading

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Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Teaser)

Earlier last week someone posted the shaky cam video from the teaser shown at Coachella and everyone around the internet (including myself) has gotten even more excited about the new Daft Punk album that is releasing next month. Like the … Continue reading

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Daft Punk SNL Teaser

Saw this tonight and thought it was great. I didn’t catch this during SNL last night which is too bad, seeing it during a commercial break would have been sweet! They haven’t put out a record in years so it … Continue reading

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